About Skupics

About us

SA's Leading Brand Content Provider

Silo gets you right inside the brand with up-to-date and comprehensive brand- centric data along with accurate content for all channel requirements including print, e-commerce and social media. A single data and image repository for all applications, giving you access to the right information at the right time.

Conveniently placed in all three regions, Silo have both facilities that are able to cater for you image reqirements whether you are dealing with 1000's of individual products or looking for the perfect styled solution

As the leaders in our field and specialists at what we do, we are committed to serving you at even greater heights than what you’ve experienced so far, and it is remains our mission to support you in performing most effectively in your line of business. Here are some of the benefits you’ll be able to tap into, on the newly re-engineered offering to you:

• Bespoke, 360º image capturing at studios in JHB / CT / DBN
• Superior quality pack shots according to trade standards and specs
• Controlled lighting environments for consistency and uniformity