License Agreement

This is the License Agreement by which Silo licenses use of images order on the SiloPics website service. The website and images can only be used on the terms of this Agreement. If you make use the ordering facility you are agreeing to be bound by this Agreement. By this Agreement Silo licenses you to use Silo images in accordance with its terms.

Images are licensed to you only and not sold. All images remain the exclusive property of Silo Online. Silo is the owner of all copyright in Silo Online including any accompanying material. Silo is the owner of any copies of the whole or any part of SKU. Works online and relevant digital content.

You agree to pay Silo' charges for use of as notified to its customers from time to time. This Agreement is subject to Silo' standard terms of trade. Silo may vary its terms of trade by notice to its customers from time to time.

You acknowledge that: You have agreed to these terms on your own account and not as agent for any other person or entity except in the case of an individual making this Agreement on behalf of an employer company; You have the legal right to agree to these terms.

You acknowledge that Silo is excluded of liability through any use of the content supplied.

This license entitles you to download and make use of images for the period of 4 weeks and use beyond this constitutes a breach of this Agreement. You may not: Make copies of images; Allow anyone else to copy or use the images; Transfer this Agreement to anyone; These restrictions apply to the whole or any part of the Software or website.

This Agreement will continue until: It is terminated by Silo by reason of any breach of an essential term by you; or It is terminated by one (1) month's notice in writing from either Party to the other. If you fail to make good a breach of this Agreement after notice from Silo allowing you a reasonable opportunity to do so, the breach will constitute a breach of an essential term even if the term was not otherwise essential. Payment of monies due to Silo is an essential term regardless of any notice.

In this Agreement: Silo,, Silo Online refers to Silo, A Tiso Blackstar Group Brand, a South African Corporation, its successors and assigns; Software or website means the computer software or website created by Silo to allow access and use of it's digital content.

This Agreement is subject to the laws of South Africa.

Silo may transfer this Agreement. If it does so, you will be bound by the terms of this Agreement as if the Transferee was Silo.


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